AcuPedic©Advanced Weekend Course

WithAssaf Mor Dipl CM (ETCMA, IATCM)

“ There is no Dao among the common people that is greater than the Dao of Nurturing the young, If (Children) are not Nurtured when they are young, they will die before reaching adulthood…” (Sun Simiao 652 Ac.)

Lisbon, October 11-13, 2019


AcuPedic©is an up-to-date clinical system based on vast philosophical foundations to ensure better health in children and future adults.

AcuPedic©5 Easy Steps:

1. Seethe Child and the parent
2. Understandtheir physiological phase
3. Adjustthe treatment to the child
4. Connectparents and entire family to the treatment
5. Walk​​ alongwith them​​through the stages of life

This weekend course includes a broad introduction to the treatment of children according to
Chinese Medicine (CM), based on the wisdom of texts from Sun Simiao to today, along with a
clinical approach that is aligned with today's’ Pediatrics medicine

The course will introduce both philosophical theory and up-to-date treatment protocols to
allow the CM practitioner to work alongside conventional pediatric care and deal with issues
such as increased use of antibiotics, vaccinations, modern diet, lifestyle and more.


Day 1
     ● Basics of pediatric care
     ● Child development
     ● Basic Diagnosis
Respiratory and digestive system:
     ● Physiology
     ● Common pathologies

Day 2
3.Immune system & vaccinations:
     ● How to deal with common infections?
     ● How to create better health in a sick child?
     ● How to deal with the strong effect of vaccinations?
     ● A discussion about pfapa - (attack of periodic fever in children) a condition that is more common than we think.

A strong emphasis will be placed on working with BioMedical pediatricians

Day 3 - Adolescence:
4. Physiology - Fire and Water -The healthy Physical (Hormonal), Emotional and
Cognitive development in the phase of Fire.
     ● What should we expect?
     ● what can we offer?
. Common pathologies -Acne, Depression and Dangerous behaviors

Extra: (will be introduced along the weekend)
Use of Special Techniques in Pediatric care:
     ● Pediatric Tuina & Shoni Shin
     ● Gentle Needling
     ● AcuStrickers
     ● Moxa
     ● Live cases and demonstrations as time and availability permits.


Location: Lisbon

Hours: 09:00-13:00, 14:30-17:30

Early Bird Price: Until September 15, 250€

Normal Price: 325€


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