Francisco Vorcaro

 Francisco Vorcaro
Francisco Vorcaro is the son and a direct disciple of Professor Marcelo Pereira de Souza. Marcelo Pereira de Souza was one of the first Brazilian acupuncturists. He traveled to study in Japan and China in 1940, returning to Brazil in 1949.
He graduated in Chinese Medicine, but focused mainly in Acupuncture. He worked in a clinic in Belo Horizonte and Brasília, giving many courses in Brazil. He introduced the use of acupuncture analgesia / anesthesia in Brasília's hospitals and wrote three books on acupuncture.
The first was "Pediatric Needleless Acupuncture for Mothers". In this book he taught Japanese needle-free acupuncture for emergency pediatric conditions.
The second was "Auricular Therapy Treatise", along with the Map of the points of the front and of the auricle dorsum. This book teaches the secrets of Auriculotherapy and addresses the treatment of more than 200 medical ailments.
The third was the Little Treatise on Classical Pulsology, where he teaches the pulsology according to the teachings of his master, Lord Takeo Yamagachi. As his disciple, Francisco Vorcaro continued the clinical research in analgesia / anesthesia by acupuncture, having added to the analgesic protocols of acupuncture the use of Chinese formulas developed by him.
In addition, he develops clinical research on pulse diagnosis in gestational monitoring, women's and children health, and as a primary diagnosis in sexually transmitted diseases and cancer

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