May 25 & 26 – Treating Insomnia and Menstrual Disorders using Classical Formulas, with Prof. Huang Huang


– Overview of Jing Fang method of diagnosis and treatment.  In Jing Fang, the patient’s psycho-physiological constitution and pathology are associated with a specific herbal formula allowing a broader understanding of the patient and prescription.

– Diagnosis, differentiation and herbal formulas used to treat Insomnia

– Diagnosis, differentiation and herbal formulas used to treat menstrual disorders


Prof. Huang Huang

World-renowned expert, Prof. Huang Huang is one of the greatest connoisseurs of Classical Chinese Medicine and has already published several books on the clinical usage of classical herbal formulas. Through his life, his main focus has been the study of the experiences of famous doctors of Chinese Medicine and also the understanding of the different schools of classical formulas.

In his clinical practice, Prof. Huang Huang advocates for the study and application of the classical formulas of Chinese Medicine. He does so through the modern literature about indications of herbs and formulas, and the application of formulas to certain constitutional types.

Capable of extracting the essence of Chinese Medicine, he is a great enthusiast for compiling the contributions of physicians of the past and applying this knowledge to practice in modern life. You don’t want to miss his captivating teaching style!


Location: Hotel Olissippo Oriente (Av. Dom João II 32, 1900-083 Lisbon)

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Hours: 10:00-17:00h

Price: Early bird 250€ until March 31st. From April 1st, 300€


Only Chinese Medicine professionals or students attending at least the 3rd year of Chinese Medicine may apply for this course.

Acceptance depends on the vacancies


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