Japanese Acupuncture with Toru Nakamura

Lisbon, April 19-20-21


This seminar will provide you a treatment style which mainly came from two Japanese teachers; Kiiko Matsumoto and Tsuyoshi Shimamura.

They both had the same master, Kiyoshi Nagano. He was and still is a legendary acupuncturist in Japan. These two teachers inherited a lot of knowledge Japanese Acupunctureand wisdom from him and continued to develop each in his own direction. These systematic and effective methods are fascinating many practitioners in the world. Now, not only in the United States and Japan, but also practitioners in many different countries are utilizing these methods and getting great results that can be noticed during the treatment. Both styles of acupuncture are focusing on treating the root cause with emphasis on the entire body rather than a single symptom.


Features and benefits

  • Diagnosis through palpation and pulse

- instant feedback for patient and practitioner through touch

  • Holistic approach

- addressing the entire person to get to the root of problem

  • Japanese tradition

- steeped in tradition yet innovative

  • Wide variety of methods

- tailored to each individual and uses needle, moxa and so on…

  • Gentle approach

- shallow needling, even just contacts


Workshop Content


Root treatment (summarize the seminar in 2017)

This can be combined with all of the treatment methods.

This method originated from Master Nagano, treating Prenatal and Postnatal Qi.



Psychological disorders

Why people have this problem, from the view of classic and modern idea.

Where is the diagnostic area is and which points we should use.



Gynecological disorders

How to approach and treat lots of gynecology-related problems and what is their cause.


Hours: 09:00-13:00, 14:30-17:30

Price: Early Bird 250€ + IVA Until March 31th. From April 1st, 325€ + IVA

Location: Lisboa Biz, Av. Engº Arantes e Oliveira,3-R/c Lx

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/uvUcr7y31V32

Metro Station: Olaias


Instructor Toru Nakamura L.Ac

  • Graduated from Toyo Medical College for three years (Osaka, Japan)
  • Certificated a year course of Kiiko Style (two times)
  • Certificated several seminars of Kiiko Style in Japan, United Kingdom and Israel
  • Deputy representative of Kiiko Style Japan West (http://www.kiikostyle.jp/)
  • Studied with Tsuyoshi Shimamura sensei several times
  • Instruct Kiiko Style in Japan, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea and Philippines




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