The Shao Yin & Jue Yin Conformation

Lumbar pain (Master Tung)

Pulse Diagnose

Lisbon 14-16 of December, 2018

This workshop discusses the Channel Theory and is based on different resources and approaches that together give practitioners a broader and deeper understanding of channel theory.

The workshops are both clinical and practical and provide practitioners with a profound understanding of each system in order to achieve better results in clinical practice.  The workshops emphasize Master Tung’s acupuncture system.

Each workshop is divided into two parts, a theoretical part, and a practical part.  The practical part includes demonstrations of different techniques as well as accurate point location and needling of Master Tung’s extra points.


Workshop Topics

Lower back pain

In this workshop, we will discuss how to get the best results using acupuncture to lower back pain and lower back disc herniation.

  • How to diagnose which channels are involved.
  • Distal needling with Master Tung’s extra points for treating lower back pain
  • Bloodletting for treating lower back pain.


Pulse Diagnosis

How to use pulse diagnosis in Master Tung’s acupuncture to detriment the root treatment.


Introduction to the 6 Channels (6 levels, Six Conformations )

  • Su Wen, Chapter 6 -Discourse of the Division & Unity of Yin & Yang
  • Three parts of Yang & Three parts of Yin.
  • The 6 Conformations and the 6 Qi (Cold, Wind, Heat, Fire, Dampness, Dryness).


Shao Yin & Jue Yin System

  • The General Characteristics and Functions of the Shao Yin & Jue Yin Conformation
  • Point Combinations for treating Shao Yin & Jue Yin disorders.

In this workshop, we will learn the Qi Transformation (Qì huà ) of the  4 channel that belongs to the two systems, Tung’s Extra Points that are connected to the channel’s and the correspondence of the channel’s with other channels.



 Clinical Applications That we will learn how to treat related to the 4 Channel’s

  • Kidney qi, yang and yin deficiency.
  • Kidney/Urinary Bladder disorders - edema, facial puffiness, abnormal
    urination, retention of urine, frequent urination.
  • Reproductive disorders Female & Male - impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea , irregular menstruation, unctional uterine bleeding, leukorrhea.
  • Heart Disorders - cardiac pain, palpitations, chest stuffiness, tachycardia, bradycardia, arrhythmia, shortness of breath, cold limbs.
  • Mental and Emotional disorders
  • Stomach disorders - stomach pain, distention in the epigastrium, hiccups, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Liver Qi Stagnation
  • Urogenital disorders - urinary tract infections, vulvitis, genital herpes.

we will discuss case studies that are related to the topics of the workshop from Shaun’s Clinic.



About Shaun Goodman:

  • Diploma: Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.
  • Chinese Medicine Practitioner since 1991, treating 70-80 patients per week.
  • Member of the ETCMA - European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.
  • For the past ten years, Shaun has spent time researching, practicing and teaching Channel theory and Master Tung’s Acupuncture.
  • For the past 11 years, Shaun has taught Acupuncture at Reidman College for Complementary Medicine.
  • For the past 11 Years, Shaun has taught a postgraduate course for practitioners of Chinese Medicine on Channel theory and Master Tung’s Acupuncture.
  • Lectures at the MLA - Medicina do Leste Asiático in Portugal

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