MLA Membership

We now have a new option available for all the students to help attend more MLA training courses with the excellent level you are accustomed to.

When you join our MLA membership, for every 5 seminars you attend in a duration of a year, we offer you a Voucher that you can exchange for an entry into a training, or a discount of € 250 on a higher value seminar.

Maximum duration: 1 year, which starts counting from the moment of access. In this period you can select the courses that are of interest to you. For each one it will receive a stamp.
Number of trainings which are required to do to able to enjoy the Voucher: 5.
What does the Voucher gives you?: It Offers of the 6th training, or a discount of 250 € in a higher value seminar, to enjoy during that year. (NOTE: Offer will not be able to transition from one year to the next.)

From the 6th formation the count returns to zero and you will receive a new card.

If you need more information, please contact us.

MLA Membership

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