Mukaino Method - Unique opportunity to learn with Dr. Yuki Itaya and with Dr. Mukaino himself, 2018/2019

The 1st seminar of Mukaino Method will be taught by Dr. Yuki Itaya and it will help us understand the connection between the channels and the movements of the body, thus providing a simple, practical and quick results method that can determine in which channels the pathology lies within the patients. We will dedicate a big portion to practice and how to execute treatments correctly so that we will be able to use in our clinic everything that will be taught.


What is Mukaino Method?

Acupuncture with movement

The Mukaino Method is a method that was developed by Dr. Mukaino in order to bridge the gap between acupuncture and Western medicine,creating a language that is common to all healthcare practitioners.

It is a diagnostic method with treatment protocols that provide a simple and clear analysis that follows the path of the acupuncture channels and the relationship that exists between those and the movements.

The Mukaino Method can analyze the quality of certain movements, with the potential to treat the dysfunction immediately.
After identifying the unbalance movements some specific acupuncture points are selected, these points are tested simultaneously with the repetition of the previously diagnosed movements.
Selected points are gently stimulated along the affected channels to assess improvements in pain or restrict movement.
Thus, the patients perform the series of tests that allow the professional to evaluate the amplitude of the movements, help to find the restrictions or pain that is associated and easily identifying the channels involved in the dysfunction.

By focusing on movement (including pain and range of motion), practitioners develop a common language that can be understood across medical disciplines but most importantly of all is implicitly understood by the patient.
This method has become famous due to the excellent clinical results that can be felt immediately, but also, because it uses a superficial puncture and a very small number of needles in the treatment.

"If the diagnosis is well made the pain disappears by 80%, if at the end of two or three sessions the pain does not present significant differences, it is necessary to review the case." Dr. Mukaino

This theory was edited in the book:    Sports Acupuncture The Meridian Test and Its Applications

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Core Foundations (Dr. Yuki Itaya)

24 and 25 of Novembro, 2018


  • Mukaino test demonstration.
  • Introduction, Principles and the origin of Mukaino Method.
  • Clinical applications of Mukaino Method.
  • The 30 Movements, Key points for treatment.
  • Group practice with evaluation between students.
  • Time for Questions.
  • Clinical case studies.
  • Certificates.

*This seminar will be taught in English with Portuguese translation.


Dates: November 24-25

Hours: Saturday - 09:00-18:00. Sunday - 09:00-17:00

Location: Lisboa Biz, Av. Engº Arantes e Oliveira, 3- R/C LX
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Price: Early Bird - 250€ until October 20. After that date, 350€

Limited places!

Intermediate Level with Dr. Mukaino himself

June 6-7-8 2019


  • Core Foundations review.
  • 24 Points (Combinations and Yin-Yang crosses).
  • 36 points (Ben Points).
  • Scar tissue treatments.
  • Dorsal points (Hua Tou) and Auricular points.
  • Clinical case studies.
  • Certificates.


*This seminar will be taught in Japanese with simultaneous translation to English and Portuguese.

*June 6 will be taught by Dr. Yuki Itaya to review the Core Foundations and answering questions of students.

Price: Early Bird - 550€ until April 30.  After that date, 650€

More info:

**Limited place.

**The program may have alterations.

**Please lets us know if translation to Spanish / French is required.

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