Pediatric Tuina

Lisbon, March 13-15, 2020

In the old medical books of the Song dynasty at 960-1279 there are records of treatments that have been modified to young children.

Children Qi acts different, because its rapid changes and movement the dieses developed different and have different patterns, there for methods of Pediatric Tuinatreatments need to be different. Both needling and massage of young children must be quicker and gentler. Pediatric Tuina is different in the rhythm, techniques and areas of applying the treatment usually use fast techniques as Tui and Rou.

Tuina special technique for children allow us to move and fix their Qi movement without give them pain or make them feel uncomfortable with the treatment

Tuina modified to children is used till the age of 6/7. It is gentle and simple yet very effective method.

In china- acupuncture, herbal medicine and Tuina are all part of the training of Chinese medicine doctors, and it's widely used in hospitals and clinics there but at the western countries still Chinese medicine is not widely used to treat children and small babies even for people who does use alternative medicine on them self, and one of the reasons is because they are afraid to use acupuncture, a method who is consider to be aggressive and penetrative for children and babies.

The way Tuina is been applied to children and the special technique is not yet well known at the western countries, it should be the first choice to treat children and as the child grow older we should use more needling.

In this two days' workshop you'll be studying about pediatric Tuina, the special techniques, how to use them and when. You will know how to give a full treatment with Tuina to children from the time they are born till 6/7 years old for many different symptoms such as: abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, fever, cough, restlessness, sleep problems, winter colds and many more…

The 3 days' workshop will cover:

1st Day: 

  1. Introduction
    Pediatric Chinese Medicine
    Pediatric Tuina
    General Pediatric Guidelines
  2. Main technique
  3. pattern diagnosis and treatment protocols by patterns
    1. Insufficiency of Spleen Qi
    2. Food Accumulation
    3. Internal Heat

2nd Day:

pattern diagnosis and treatment protocols by patterns

    1. Insufficiency of Lung Qi
    2. Invasion of External Pathogens
    3. phlegm
    4. insufficiency of kidney and Jing
    5. Shen instability

3rd Day:

  1. Practical & Practice
  2. Demonstration on patients- live treatment on 1 or 2 children
  3. Differential Diagnosis and putting together the right protocols according to symptoms.
  4. ADD / ADHD

we'll discuss together some of the main complains that brings children to your clinic and cover in particular the most common issues that are important to you.


Hour: 09:00-17:00

Price: Early Bird Price - 250 Euros + VAT - Until February 10.

Normal Price - After February 10, 325 Euros + VAT .

Location: ZWY - Associação Portuguesa dos Amigos da Cultura Chinesa: Rua Sarmento de Beires 1, 1900-410 Lisboa (Area of Olaias, Lisboa)

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