Foundations of Chinese Medicine Pediatrics With Assaf Mor

June 22-24, 2018


There is no Dao among the common people that is greater than the Dao of Nurturing the young, If (Children) are not Nurtured when they are young, they will die before reaching adulthood…” (Sun Simiao 652 Bc.)Pediatrics


The course will include a broad introduction to the treatment of children according to Chinese Medicine. A practical course based on the wisdom of texts from Sun Simiao to today, bridging to modern Pediatrics medicine.

The course will introduce both philosophical theory and up-to-date treatment protocols to allow the Chinese Medicine practitioner to work along side with conventional pediatric care and facing issues such as increased vaccinations, antibiotics use and resistance, attention-related issues in a “mobile world” and more involved and easily-scared parents.

Target Audience

Practitioners with a background in Chinese medicine in the field of acupuncture, manual therapy, herbal medicine and nutrition.


Five sessions over 3 full days:

Day 1:

  1. Foundations: Basics of pediatric care, Child development
  2. Basic diagnosis and observations: Excess and Deficient Child, The 5 Pediatric types, Pulse taking, Abdominal diagnosis and other special observations

Day 2:

  1. Respiratory system: Physiology and Pathophysiology, including upper respiratory infections.
  2. Digestive system:  Physiology and Pathophysiology including Nutrition.

Day 3:

  1. Special Techniques in Pediatric care:(Full Day)
  2. Pediatric Tuina & Shoni Shin
  3. Gentle Needling, AcuStrickers, Moxa

This part will include live or case studies demonstrations.


InstructorAssaf Mor Dipl CM (ETCMA, IATCM)

Hours: 09:00-13:00, 14:30-18:00

Early Bird Price: 250 Euros until May 20. After May 20, 325 Euros. 

Location: Lisboa Biz, Av. Engº Arantes e Oliveira, 3- R/C LX

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