Pedro AlbuquerquePedro Albuquerque

Pedro Albuquerque, East Asian Medicine - Clinical Education Co-Founder and vice-president of the Portuguese Society of Chinese Medicine (SPMC). He practices for more than 20 years, teaches for more than 16 in some of the best schools in Portugal, and is also a faculty member of the Brazilian School of Chinese Medicine (EBRAMEC).

He began his studies in the Shangri-la Institute (São Paulo, Brazil), also studied in what nowadays is the University of Chinese Medicine (Portugal), did post-graduation studies and clinical specialization for about five years at university teaching hospitals and private clinics in BeiJing, ChengDu and GuangDong (China), and also made a post-graduation at the University of Westminster (London, UK).

As well, Pedro Albuquerque collaborated in several publications and has written several articles. He has simultaneously been organizing post-graduation courses with international re-known teachers in the field, being responsible namely for the translation of the lessons.

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