Stephen BoyantonDr.Stephen Boyanton

Stephen Boyanton PhD LAc is a scholar and clinician of Chinese medicine. received his B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Florida (1995). After receiving his B.A. he spent four years living in China before returning the U.S. to pursue his M.A. in Religious Studies at the University of Virginia (2004) and an M.S. in Chinese medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego (2008). In 2015 he completed a PhD in East Asian history at Columbia University focusing on Chinese Medical History. His dissertation explores the role of the Treatise on Cold Damage (Shanghan lun傷寒論) in the transformation of Chinese literate medicine during the Song (960-1279 C.E.), Jin (1115-1234 C.E.), and Yuan (1271-1368 C.E.) dynasties. His primary research interests include the Treatise on Cold Damage, its sister text Essentials of the Golden Coffer (Jingui yaolue 金匱要略), warm disease (wenbing 溫病) texts, materia medica in the Song-Yuan dynasties, and the concept of styles of practice in medical history.

Stephen currently resides in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, where he continues his research, study, and teaching as an independent scholar. He is also director of education and Sinological research for theXinglin Institute for Early East Asian Medicine Research and Scholarship and a moderator and frequent contributor to the Asian Medicine Zone blog.



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