Toru Nakamura

Toru Nakamura became a practitioner of manual therapeutics after having worked on pharmaceutical company at first. After a while he began looking for a more effective method to help his patients. Finally, he was able to find this specific style of acupuncture that its theories and effect fit his expectations. This style of acupuncture is called Kiiko Style, and was invented by Kiiko Matsumoto in Boston, United States.

Toru Nakamura is the deputy representative of Kiiko Style Japan West ( and teaches Kiiko Style in Japan. This method is great at treating pain, organ imbalances, gynecologic disorders, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, stress reduction, treatment after stroke and many more diseases.

Thanks to his ability to speak three different languages besides Japanese (English, Spanish and Chinese) he was able to travel and study in South America, Asia, China and so on. He is also a member of NAJOM (North American Journal of Oriental medicine as a translator. 

These days, he's working out to master new styles of acupuncture that educe the ability which people have naturally to improve their constitution by natural healing ability. He learned acupuncture at UK, Spain, Israel, China and Japan. And he uses these
methods to help people who suffer from different symptoms and diseases.


Toru Nakamura

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