Trigger Points & Jingjin - Pain Management

1) Trigger Points & Jingjin in the treatment of pain and of muscular disorders. 

This workshop explores the role of myofascial trigger points in provoking pain in the muscular system. It examines the relevant Acupuncture theory - the meridian sinews (Jingjin). Diagnosis and treatment of this very common type of pain presentation will be covered in detail.
Introduction to Jingjin theory
Treatment of the jingjin
Trigger point theory
Treatment of trigger points
Discussion of how to combine jingjin and trigger point theory
Treatment of the muscular system including trigger points, strain and tendon problems.
2) Treatment of shoulder disorders - putting it all together.
This workshop covers the diagnosis and acupuncture treatment of the more common joint and muscle disorders of the shoulder. Simple orthopaedic examination will be taught and the difficult diagnostic issue of how to differentiate between the neck and the shoulder girdle as a source of pain will be discussed. Specific treatments will be demonstrated for all the main conditions covered.
Review of shoulder anatomy
Examination of the shoulder including orthopaedic testing
Diagnosis of shoulder pain versus neck pain
Treatment of common disorders including
Rotator cuff - especially supraspinatus and subscapularis
Shoulder joint sprain and osteoarthritis
Acromio-clavicular joint problems
Treatment (continued)
3) Treatment of neck and back pain.
This workshop covers the common painful conditions arising from the neck. This includes some types of upper back pain, shoulder and arm pain and headache. Specific needle techniques for a wide range of tissues will be taught. The way these techniques can be combined to treat different presentations will be discussed.
Review of neck anatomy
Diagnosis of neck disorder
Treatment os specific syndromes
Treatment of specific syndromes (continued)
Treatment of the low back - intervertebral problems
Dates: September 15-17
Hours: 09:00-18:00
LocationLisboa Biz, Av. Engº Arantes e Oliveira, 3- R/C LX
Price: Early Bird - Until August 15 - 250€. After - 325€. 

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