Tung Acupuncture and Yang Ming Conformation


Tung Acupuncture According To Li Guo Zheng

Yang MingTung Chin-Chang died in 1975 and left behind 73 students, one book and many unanswered questions.  A number of years after his death, some of his main students began to spread the acupuncture he practiced.  Yuan gao ben, who authored Master Tung’s first and only book, and Hu wan zhi were two of his senior students as well as Dr. Wei-Chieh Young.


Consequently a number of different schools of thought were created.  Some of Master Tung’s students left Taiwan and emigrated to the United States, among them Wei-Chieh Young, who became one of the leading doctors in teaching and spreading Tung acupuncture in the west as well as in China and Taiwan.  The majority of Master Tung’s knowledge in acupuncture reached the west through Dr. Young. 


At the same time, a substantial number of students, among them some very prominent students, remained in Taiwan.  Some of these students have since died while others are still alive continuing to work and pass on their knowledge.  Those who are familiar with the book written by James Maher are also familiar with the differences between one Dr. and another.  Maher learned in Taiwan from a number of different teachers representing different schools of thought.  Among those mentioned, there are two doctors connected to the same school of thought - a teacher and his student - Dr. Hu wen zhi and Dr. Li guo zheng.


The workshop will cover Dr. Li guo zheng’s approach to Tung acupuncture.  Participants will learn:

  • The three main principles behind the method of Tung acupuncture: Dao mao technique, mirror imaging, and Dong Qi.
  • Four ways to choose appropriate acupuncture points for treatment.
  • How to implement Dr. Li guo zheng’s bleeding techniques for local treatment and joint disorders.
  • Master Tung points to treat Zang organs, point location and the appropriate way to to use the points in clinical practice.


The workshop is intended for practitioners who have no prior knowledge of Master Tung acupuncture as well as for those who are familiar with Tung acupuncture and are interested in being introduced to the unique approach of Dr. Li guo zheng.


Yang Ming Conformation Workshop


This workshop is the second in a series of six workshops taught by Shaun Goodman. Each workshop discusses the Channel Theory and is based on different resources and approaches that together give practitioners a broader and deeper understanding of channel theory.  Each workshop discusses one of the six conformations and together make up a complete course on channel theory.


The workshops are both clinical and practical and provide practitioners a profound understanding of each system in order to achieve better results in clinical practice.  The workshops emphasize Master Tung’s acupuncture system.


Each workshop is divided into two parts, a theoretical part and a practical part.  The practical part includes demonstrations of different techniques as well as accurate point location and needling of Master Tung’s extra points.

It is possible to register for each workshop individually as each is a unit of itself and is not dependant on participation in previous workshops.


Yang Ming Workshop Topics

Introduction to the 6 Channels (6 levels, Six Conformations )

  • Su Wen, Chapter 6 -Discourse of the Division & Unity of Yin & Yang
  • Three parts of Yang & Three parts of Yin.
  • The 6 Conformations and the 6 Qi (Cold, Wind, Heat, Fire, Dampness, Dryness).

Yang Ming System

  • The General Characteristics and Functions of the Yang Ming Conformation
  • Point Combinations for treating Yang Ming’s disorders: digestive disorders, Qi and Blood deficiency, heat in the Yang Ming channel.

Foot Yang Ming channel

  • Qi Transformation (Qì huà ) of the Foot Yang Ming channel.
  • Tung Extra Points Connected to the Channel
  • Foot Yang Ming channel correspondence with other channels.


Clinical Applications

gastrointestinal disorders

Frontal Headache.

Bell’s palsy.

Nose disorders - Rnitis and sinusitis

Eyelid disorders.

Disorders of dampness and phlegm.

Disorders of the respiratory system.

Disorders of the heart.

Mental disorders - bipolar disorder.

Gynecological disorders.

Skin disorders.

Disorders of the breasts.


T.M.M. Channel

Muscles and ligaments associated with the channel and how to treat them.

  • Toe disorders - Tibialis anterior.
  • Knee disorders - Quadriceps.
  • Disorders of the Toes - Extensor digitorum longus.


Hand Yang Ming Channel

  • Qi Transformation (Qì huà ) of the hand Yang Ming channel.
  • Tung Extra Points Connected to the Channel
  • Hand Yang Ming channel correspondence with other channels.

Clinical Applications

External disorders - wind cold / wind heat

Nose disorders - Rnitis, allergic rnitis.

Neck and throat disorders.


Body fluids disorders - sweating, dryness of the mouth and throat.

Skin disorders.

Lungs disorders.

Gynecological problems.

T.M.M. Channel

  • De quervain syndrome - radial tenosynovitis
  • Tennis elbow - extensor carpi brevis tendinopathy.
  • Trapezius - Triger points.
  • Scalene Myofascial Pain Syndrome.


About Shaun Goodman:

  • Diploma: Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.
  • Chinese Medicine Practitioner since 1991, treating between 70-80 patients per week.
  • Member of the ETCMA - European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.
  • For the past ten years Shaun has spent time researching, practicing and teaching Channel theory and Master Tung’s Acupuncture.
  • For the past ten years Shaun has taught Acupuncture at Reidman College for Complementary Medicine.
  • For the past 9 Years Shaun has taught a postgraduate course for practitioners of Chinese Medicine on Channel theory and Master Tung’s Acupuncture.
  • Lectures at the MLA - Medicina do Leste Asiático in Portugal

Dates: April 21-23

Hours: 09:00-18:00

Locaiton: Av. Engº Arantes e Oliveira, 3 – R/c 1900 – 221 Lisboa

Price: early bird 195€+IVA Until March 20, 250€+IVA after that date.


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